Sunday, November 30, 2014

Huffing and puffing.

Blimey, what a weekend.  Despite out car being bashed in a bit (see previous post), we have done rather more driving in it this weekend than we planned.

Saturday morning was spent packing up and winterising Herbie and I have at last worked out a good sequence for clearing the plumbing of water for the winter. 

  • First turn of the main water tank stopcock and switch off the pump, then open all taps to let out any pressurised water. 
  • Then(in our case) drain the Morco gas water heater from it’s little drain plug
  • Then disconnect and remove the water pump –easy with modern plastic plumbing fittings, but needs a tray slid under the pump to catch the spillage.  Drain the pump and stow it somewhere more frost proof.
  • Then close all the taps except the shower, then remove the shower head and blow into the shower hose for ages until either all the water in the system is pushed out of the open union where the pump was or you get dizzy and pass out from all that blowing (You need an accomplice with a jug to catch the water– thanks Kath).  It’s surprising how much water you get out, we had to empty the jug several times and I was pretty light headed by the finish.
  • Then open all the taps again just in case.

I think I also blew some water out of the calorifier, not emptying it but at least leaving some expansion room.

Of course one of two things will now happen

a) we will have a mild winter with no deep frosts, or

b) we will decide to go back to the boat for a few days before the winter really arrives and have to do it all again when we leave. 

Never mind, piece of mind is a good thing.

Having done all the other jobs like capping off the chimney etc. we made the two hour dash for home to get ready for a friends birthday do where like a lot of the other guests we were expected to do a short (one song) musical turn.  Having had little time for practice we opted  for our old standby Boots of Spanish Leather which we can generally remember.

Sometime around Saturday evening I realised I didn’t have my wallet, and when we got back home shortly before midnight we searched the house and couldn’t find it.  Well you might guess where I had left it – on flippin’ board Herbie.  So today I had to drive the four hour round trip to Crick and back to retrieve it.  I need it for Tuesday to show my driving licence to the courtesy car hire people.  Anyway it had my debit cards and bus pass and all that stuff.

I am now knackered, but shall press on with preparations for the Annual Herbie Awards which are now absolutely IMMINENT.  Stay tuned folks.

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