Sunday, November 02, 2014

Visit Napton–if you’re spared

Like a lot of boaters, we’ve passed through Napton on the Hill quite a few times without actually visiting the village.  Most of us think of it like this, (a picture I took in April 2011), in fact if you look at Sue's No Problem blog today she has taken a picture from nearly the same spot.


I have to admit that when it comes to Napton we mainly think of the Folly pub by the canal. Last week though we actually strolled up to the village centre so Kath could catch a bus, and what a pleasant surprise it was.  There are some lovely old houses, a nice village green area and a good little village store which also doubles as a coffee bar.  If you are of a religious bent you might also take advantage of the quaint Napton Christadelphian Meeting Room, which has meetings on Sunday but apparently only as long as God is happy about it, or I suppose if you’re spared.


I didn’t know anything about Christadelphians but a quick scan of Wikipedia tells me that there are only sixty thousand of them on the planet.  Now Napton has a population of just under a thousand, which is roughly 0.000014% of the world’s population.  Let’s assume that they get about 10 people at the meeting. That’s 0.0016% of the Christadelphians.  If I have my sums right that means if you live in Napton you are a roughly a thousand times more likely than average to be a Christadelphian!!!  Aren’t stats wonderful?

Anyway, do pop up to the village next time you pass.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s lovely.

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