Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gongoozling in the snow

At last I have something boaty to blog about. Today, because we had nothing better to do, we were in Braunston with Rick and Marilyn. Just as the snow started we were sitting cozily aboard the Gongoozlers floating cafe and tucking into one of their brilliant breakfasts. Yum!

Here's how it looked when we emerged from our feast.

Apart from the Gongoozlers we had gone to look at the dewatered canal where the CRT guys are working on lock repairs.
This is the lock adjacent to the Admiral Nelson where they were putting finishing touches to what looked like new cills for the bottom gate and also doing something or other to the bottom of the escape ladder. The poor guys looked very cold and wet, but it least it hadn't started snowing at that time.
All this canal draining of course means some boats can be left high and dry.
The canal down here is surprisingly deep in some places. Please remind me not to fall in next time we boat through.
Today was also our first chance in a couple of months to pop into Crick and visit Herbie who sits patiently waiting for our next trip. I'm pleased to report that she is fine, albeit a little chilly. Even at this gloomy time of year the solar panel had kept the batteries at 100% charge.
Now as more snow falls around Rick's house in Long Buckby we have decided to abandon our plan to drive out to the Old Olive Bush at Flecknoe for their Thursday quiz, so we have resorted to doing jigsaws. Hey ho, it's just nice to be away from home and family for a few days.
Toodle pip.




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Halfie said...

I was just about to comment that a "dry" canal never looks deep enough for boats, then I read on and found that you say the canal looks surprisingly deep. Oh well.