Friday, January 30, 2015

Reasons to cruise to Northampton

We haven't yet decided where to cruise this year, but if the weather is favourable and we have enough time, we'd like to go back to the Nene and the Great Ouse and the little tributaries thereof. The Nene in fine weather is a lovely river, but neither of its main towns, Northampton and Peterborough are exactly tourist magnets. However, today we have found a very good reason to make a stop at Northampton.

Rick and Marilyn took us to look at the museum where they have a large section devoted to shoes and shoemaking. Very interesting, but no, that's not it. After the museum we found our way to the Malt Shovel.

Wow! What a really great pub.

Warm atmosphere, interesting beer related bric a brac, very tasty cheap nosh and thirteen well kept real ales on hand pump. I had a pint of the Phipps IPA which was as well kept a beer as you could wish for.

What's not to like? They have regular events, including live blues bands, a quiz, special menus on match days for the football team's supporters etc. and it's only a short walk from the river moorings by Morrisons.

Five minutes stroll at the most. If we do go down onto the Nene, we'll make it a must to pay the Malt Shovel a repeat visit.




Sarah said...

Jim has always raved about the Malt Shovel. Because of my Nene avoidance strategy, I've missed out on it so far. I remember Amy (a young person!) saying it had a really good selection of continental beers too, wheat and fruit and all that sort of stuff.

Neil Corbett said...

Sarah, a Jim is obviously a man of good taste.

John - job done! We've never been to Nottingham but the Soar is nice (although Sarah wouldn't agree).

Moominpapa said...

There are more reasons to go to Northampton. You can stay in the wonderful Northampton Marina, with a great welcome from John and Sam, and all the power, water and WiFi you can eat; then you can set off down the Nene, which is the best cruising river that no-one ever cruises. If you get you timing right, you can even attend the IWA rally this year. Very tempted by that last one....


James said...

I'm trying to get a Cambridge contingent together for the rally in Northampton, but we'll probably be there.

Sounds like it could be an amazing meet up!

The Malt Shovel is also fantastic, a definite destination every time we visit, and I can echo Moomin's sentiments about the marina- safe, secure, and a very warm welcome- the only marina I've stayed in where the manager has bought me a drink!