Friday, April 10, 2015


Flippin' Met Office!

Ever since they left Bracknell where I could keep an eye on them, and scarpered off down to Exeter, the weather has messed me about. Bracknell isn't too pleased either. Now they have a road called Weather Way and a pub called the Weather a Vane and nobody knows why.

Today I put a lovely coat of gleaming red paint on Herbie's starboard handrail and barely a couple of hours later it rained. Not just nice clean rain, but droplets loaded with fine sand. So now my beautiful paintwork is all spotty. I blame the Daily Express. They promised a heatwave and now I have spotty paint.

Ah well it ought to have another top coat anyway so I'll do that in the morning. But be warned, if it rains sand again I'm going down to Exeter to punch somebody in the nose.


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Sensational headlines sell papers and are unlikely to be true!