Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Herbie on Mars?

Herbie is looking a bit like a Mars lander today, which is to say it is covered in red dust. I've been rubbing down the red paint on the starboard handrail.

There are a number of benefits of Herbie's unusual wooden handrails* but paintwork maintenance isn't one of them. They seem to need rubbing down and repainting at least once every two years. I did the port side rail a little while back but the starboard side was worse. Anyway I have now rubbed and scraped off all the flaking areas and refilled the screw holes and tomorrow I can reprime it. Hopefully by the weekend it'll be finished and I can start looking at other areas that need touching up.

This evening we went to the quiz at the Wheatsheaf in Crick. Good quiz, good beer and only a fiver for a decent meal. As there were only the two of us against teams of mostly six, we were pleased not to come last especially as one of the rounds was recognising rock bands from the names of their members. Had they been sixties bands I would have been OK but anything after 1980 I have trouble with. Still we were pleased to spot One Direction due to our little Grace being a fan and all. I got Coldplay too but missed out on U2 as they gave the members' real names rather than their stage names.

Over in the canal just a few yard from Herbie we were surprised to see the dredgers still working there. This time they seem to be scooping up small amounts of mud and depositing them back in the water against the bank. Further along I see a lighter full of those coir matting sausages so I'm guessing it's all part of a bank reinforcement exercise.


* They never get too hot or too cold to handle.


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