Friday, May 01, 2015

Refurbed box looking smart again.

Nearly finished the old roof box refurb.


The painting was a bit of a nightmare if I’m honest.  I had to do a fair bit of touching up with a fine brush here and there.  The surface of the wood isn’t so smooth as it was when new, what with the ravages of time and the weather, so it wasn’t so easy to stop leaks at the edge of the masking tape.

I might give it a coat of varnish on top as I have a tin of the Craftmaster stuff to hand.  The inside and edges already have lots of coats of varnish since new, but that hasn’t stop the wood discolouring as you can see.  Then I need to reinstall the bungee hooks for the cover and the ironmongery(aluminiummongery to be truthful) that holds  the TV aerial mast and repair a small split in the seam of the cover, oh and paint the triangular end pieces that hold the roof up.  Blimey, I haven’t really nearly finished have I?

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Marilyn McDonald said...

You have enormous patience, Neil. I am impressed by that and by the complexity of the design and the efforts required to get the paint looking so good.
Have just been catching up on your blog and enjoyed the bird photos and the pesky squirrel. When David and I were on our big OE (Overseas Experience) back in the mid 2000s we lived in Bromley and invested in a couple of bird feeders. We found that the squirrels were adept at climbing up the posts and munching greedily. So we moved the feeders to the middle of the clothesline that stretched across the garden. No trouble to them - they just went paw over paw upside down along the line and then used the fab prehensile tail to get better grip while munching. Didn't seem to upset their digestion at all! But I am sure my mum told me I'd get stomachache if I ate lying down or hanging upside down ... Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)