Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spick Crick


show 1

Over here at Crick

It’s looking very spick*

(Forgive my journalistic trick)

The grass is cut, the tents are up

New boats arriving fast and thick


They’ve moved our cars into a field

Where Shetland ponies used to eat

Now they’re gone I wonder where

I think I might avoid the meat.


*No-one ever says something is looking span  do they?

Yes the Crick show is once again almost upon us and we’ll be there ‘cos as Crick moorers we get free tickets.  Our traditional offer of tea and cake aboard Herbie is still open to anyone accosting us on site.  We’d love to see you.

show 2

One of the first new boats to arrive is this wide beamer waiting to be dropped lowered into the water.  I suspect that we’ll see a few more of these big ‘uns. The punters seem to like them even if we don’t care for them all that much.  I probably won’t buy a new boat this year as I don’t have a spare £100+k knocking about, but I might splash out on a new tiller pin as we seem to have lost ours. All of the regular moored boats at the show end of the marina have been squeezed into spare spaces down our end and in the other separate pool at the other end.  We don’t mind, the staff here although frantically busy, try hard to keep us all happy.

The marina has acquired a new propeller this week.  Here it is on the hill.


This area is fast becoming wind farm alley. No wonder we always get blown sideways trying to get Herbie into her slot, although yesterday when we arrived back I did a near perfect reverse into our space with an audience!!

Must go now, I have to apply my culinary skills to preparing a birthday dinner for Kath in consolation for the fact that she is once again as old as me.


Halfie said...

Happy Birthday, Kath. Hope to see you both over the long weekend - we'll be on the BCF stall again.

By the way - I don't like the new "Captcha" test of identifying foodstuffs from tiny photos. Have you seen it? I've just tried - and failed - to identify pictures containing (of all things) cake; then steak. I stabbed wildly at the sushi test and it let me in. (Now it tells me that the "session" has expired, and I've got to go through the rigmarole again. Here goes ...

Simon said...

Oooh, Happy Birthday. We'll mark the occasion when we manage to get our paths to cross once more... ;-)