Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out with old and in with the new



Yes, our new composting loo is in. No more emptying cassettes. We are having a wooden seat, but they are still awaiting delivery so we can keep the white one till the new one comes. I'm glad I didn't fit the loo myself because it took the fitter several hours of working on this very hot day with his head in a cupboard to fit the draught hose and fan. One unsuspected bonus was that I can now confirm that our hull side really is 6mm thick because I have a piece of it, or three to be exact because they drilled three vent holes for the fan exhaust.

Here's one of the bits that came out

I don't know about the rest of the hull, but these bits have no pits in, but then, they are of course above the water line. The fan that extracts the air from the loo is virtually silent, so that's a relief. Now we just have to see how it goes I suppose. We'll let you know, but not in too much detail I promise!




Adam said...

Welcome to the club! Did Richard have any cocoa shells to go in it?

Herbie Neil said...

Adam, we got a bag of the shekels. I think they come as part of the kit. I don't know if Richard has any more.

Halfie said...

But it's the gory details we need! Don't be coy!