Thursday, July 02, 2015

Filling time

Here I am at Hillmorton filling time. Kath has popped home for an embroidery group exhibition planning meeting and I am awaiting a shiny new set of batteries which I am hoping will arrive this morning.

Last night I went out with the camera to see if I could photgraph the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. They have been closer over the last two days than they will be for another ten years. Actually not really close at all, but from our view standing on earth they appear so. Here is what I got.

OK, not spectacular, but I got it. Jupiter is the one that appears smaller and higher. It is of course about 90 times bigger than Venus but it's a lot further away. While I was at it, I had a go at the moon and got this.

Not too bad for an ordinary camera shot.

Herbies batteries really have collapsed. This morning they were down to 14% on the old Smartgauge. Still I've had them for five years so I'm not complaining. The new ones I'm getting today have a four year guarantee, so they ought to be good. They're a bit longer than the old ones so I'm guessing the plates might be thicker, which is a good thing.

Now for a toilet report. The new loo is very impressive so far. Halfie asked for the gory details. Perhaps I should therefore quote the passage from the rather amusing handbook where it describes how to use it

"Type two usage (solids) 1. Depress lever to open trap door. 2. Provide donation (reunited with mother terra via gravity). 3. Place toilet paper in hole. 4. Close trap door "

I think that providing donation is the euphemism I will use from now on. All I will add is that it seems to be completely odour free at all times, even when you are using it. (is that gory enough for you John?)

Providing all goes to plan today, we should resume our travels this evening. I think it will be in the rain :-(

PS Two hours later. new batteries arrived early and I already have them plumbed in and as a bonus our delayed wooden loo seat has been fitted this morning too. My cup runneth over - as long as my theory that the old batteries were defunct was correct. Fingers crossed.


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Ray Oakhill said...

A donation eh? Not heard that one before. Current term on the NBT boats is "to crimp off a length." However, I still prefer to "download some software."
Publish and be damned Neil.