Thursday, November 12, 2015

I win a bet and go for a walk

Well those who guessed it guessed it right.  The pictures of DI Lewis by the canal were indeed shot at Uxbridge opposite the boatyard.  And I won my private bet which was that Adam would be the first one with the right answer.  I can’t believe he does anything at work except read blogs because he is always so quick to answer, but I admit he is good at canal location spotting, in fact he is the only person I know who seems to know a lot of bridge numbers.

Today I’m al dressed up in my volunteer finery and going for a walk in the general area of the Slough Arm junction with my new boss Darren who has taken over as CRT London Towpath Ranger now that our previous boss Dick has been seconded to get ranger teams going nationwide.  No doubt I will be bending Darren’s ear about motorbikes on the towpath, unemptied rubbish bins


and, down the arm,  uneven muddy footpaths. 


That should cheer him up no end.  Later this month a gang of us rangers will be doing the annual Light Scout, which is basically a walk in the dark along bits of the Regents canal to check if lights under bridges etc. are working.    I can hear people outside of London saying “Lights under bridges?  Hmmph. They don’t know they’re born.  We have to find a glow worm or eat a bag of carrots before we go out at night.”  Well these Londoners are soft, you have to take pity on them.

My free book offer is closed now for another 90 days.  This time I got rid of another 30 odd.  I think the market is getting a bit saturated.  Book 2 is picking up speed and I’m now up to 18244 words!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hello Neil and Kath,
I am just indulging in a rarer catch-up moment. As usual, your blog is full of interesting, thought provoking, and plain good info for boaters.
Jaq xxx

Neil Corbett said...


Well, as the American's say,"Thank you kindly ma'am."

or as we Brits say, "One does one's best."


Neil Corbett said...

Whoops, I got a greengrocer's apostrophe in there. Apologies.