Monday, November 09, 2015

Lewis is at it again

Cor, these Oxford students don’t half jog a long way.  We just watched an episode of Lewis where a student pops out of her Oxford college for a quick run and gets murdered by the canal.   I wonder if you can spot where it is.  Here Lewis and Hathaway walk along towards where the body was found.  Apologies for the blurry picture.

lewis 1

Over on the far bank through the bridge is the garden of a canalside pub, and it definitely ain’t anywhere within a short jog from Oxford.  This next picture gives away the game completely if you know the area.

lewis 2

DI Lewis, as often happens, is some way off his “Oxford City police” patch.

Now you can show off your canal knowledge and tell me where it is.  I have a private bet on who gets it first.


Adam said...

Looks to me like Uxbridge Boat Centre.

Carol said...

I agree with Adam, we were there on Tuesday!

Marilyn McDonald said...

That crane looks like the one that lifted Waka Huia's stern out of the water back in June - I say Uxbridge Boat Centre, but only because Adam and Carol jogged my memory ... Cheers, Marilyn

Vallypee said...

Always a risk for film makers, that. Someone always knows where the location really is, but they have to film where they are given permission, so sometimes it's a risk the have to take! :)