Sunday, December 20, 2015

Interlude - A few Memorable Photos

While you sup your half time drinks, I'll show you a small handful of the thousands of pictures (mostly terrible) that I've taken during our ten years on Herbie. Perhaps I should say our first ten years!?  This pictures may or may not have much photographic merit but they sure bring back memories.

I remember the evening when I took this.  We were tied up outside the Rushden and Diamonds place at Irthlingborough on the Nene.  The internet signal was useless and I was trying to post a blog entry so the old laptop sat on the roof struggling to get a signal.  Down below, Kath and Marilyn were relaxing and Rick I suppose was off somewhere inventing something or fixing something like he does.

This next picture is a family favourite, showing a very young Jacob (our Grandson now 18) doing his most important cabin boy duty as we cruise out of Little Venice on a summers day.

with this exceptionally mild winter we seem to be having, we could easily forget it isn't always like this, as this next picture shows.  Herbie was down at the Fox at Hanwell.

I had to include this next one, which I took as we cruised alongside Nb Leo on a rehearsal for the Queens Jubilee flotilla thingy.  Katherine, who owned Leo at the time, immediately asked for a copy which she had enlarged and printed to hang on her wall.  She didn't realise a how deep under water her bow was dipping.

(By the way, Katherine is currently recovering from a broken hip, and we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery).

Here's another favourite picture showing a certain gentleman who has not only put lots of time, effort and skill into Herbie, but also taking risks like this.

Yes, it's Rick painting Herbie's tunnel bands.  Of course it would have been a more memorable picture if he had fallen in, but you can't have everything.

Perhaps our best trip in all the ten years was our cruise down the Nene, across the Middle Levels and down to Bedford on the Ouse.  The weather was mostly sublime and the countryside as good as anything else England has to offer.  Here's Kath and friend at Cogenhoe

and some typical scenery somewhere on the Nene.  If Mr Constable had been there he'd surely have whipped out his brushes and scored another hit.

and lastly a couple of photos to counter those people who still might think that canals are all grimy and full of supermarket trolleys.

The "road" out of Braunston

and the canal through Grove Park on the GU

Now that we know who won Strictly and SPOTY we are free to concentrate on the remainder of the Herbie Awards starting with our next post when I reveal the best and the worst individual locks we have encountered this year.  Stay tuned.


Leo No2 said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Making good progress - today (21-Dec) is another 'milestone' day - can I walk up and down a flight of stairs. I need a good breakfast before that!

Vallypee said...

Lovely!! I swear I remember you posting that first it really that long since I started following your blog? I know I've been blogging fir ten years now... Or I will have been in January, and I think yours was the first boaty blog I followed!