Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nominations Picture Quiz - Best Visitor Mooring

I thought this time I’d make the Herbie Award nominations for Best Visitor Mooring more fun by having the nominations as a picture quiz. To be just a little helpful, I will define a Visitor Mooring as an overnight  mooring spot within a short walk of an amenity such as a pub, a village, a shop, or maybe a boaters facilities station.

So here are pictures of some favourite places we stayed at in the last year, although some of the photos were taken in previous years.  They are all on either the Grand Union or an arm of it, except for number 3.  How many can you identify, and which will win as our favourite of the year?

1. Just round the corner from the official moorings

2. Not far from 1. but looking so different

3. Another not far away from 2. but in the other direction

3. Close to a village with three pubs and an Indian restaurant


4.  Often this muddy, but it was dry this summer

5. Easy surely  - pub and village close by

6. I took this picture in 2006  Herbie is the second boat down.  Maybe what you see in the gap between the boats is the best clue

7. This picture taken from the village – a place of historical significance

8. A view across the canal from a mooring in a major conurbation

9. Obviously urban


Vallypee said...

They all look lovely, Neil. No guesses from me, but I like the one looking down from the hills very much!

Sue said...

Well for me it has to be the last one! Not tucked up in the basin with the hospital air conditioning to have to put up with and what lovely people greet you on arrival... 7 days of bliss there with the most wonderful view of the junction. Definitely the winner!