Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well well. We got to Jericho in Oxford to find plenty of visitor mooring space. Hoodathunkit?

Apparently the mooring wardens or whatever they call 'em are pretty assiduous hereabouts and they keep people moving after their allotted time. I've got no problem with that if it means we can come here without fear of not finding a spot. It makes such a difference. After our two days are up, we can move back up the canal a couple of bridges and have another couple of days should we need them.

You have to do a bit of culture when in Oxford, so we did a bit of the Ashmolean to see some of the Ancient Egyptian stuff, then to assuage our dismay over the referendum result (we could always move to Scotland I suppose where people don't upset me so much) we went out for a French nosh last night. Not that that was difficult to do of course with the Bookbinders pub in canal street being two minutes from the boat and specialising in provincial French grub. What a cracking place it is!

Doh, keep your head still Kath!


Jericho has, I believe, a reputation for being Bohemian, and this little pub seemed to confirm that. Anyhow we really liked it. Any pub that has pictures of Bob Dylan and Paul Tortelier on the same wall gets my vote. I'm a big fan of both. I've never seen Bob Dylan live (although I'm told that might be a good thing), but we did go to see Paul Tortelier do the Dvorak Cello Concerto once and he was amazing. Sorry, I digress . .

So there we were tucking into our truly delicious (and cheap) rustic French grub, Kath had Coq au Vin and I had a pork chop thingy in a red wine sauce, then who should walk in but Diane (Nb Ferndale). She and Ray were in the other bar and had spotted us come in. What a surprise! Although, thinking about it, a pub, near the canal, what's the likelihood of either of us not being in it? We knew they were in Oxford somewhere. Anyway it was lovely to see their ever smiling faces, although Ray's smile was not quite so big as he had had a slip and badly bruised his shin. Ouch.

We will definately go to the Bookbinders again. The place has a great atmosphere, the food is good and not dear, the beer was excellent and the service was quick and friendly. Shortlisted for a Herbie Award at Christmas without doubt.

We'll drop down onto the Sheepwash channel for a few minutes today to turn round and then we'll be facing the right way for when we have to go back up to Cropredy. En route back up, we are due another surprise meeting. We got a message from old friends John and Irene on NB Rosie Piper to say they were heading South from Banbury on Monday, so we'll meet up somewhere. I don't think we've seen them since we met at March on the middle levels some years back.

You never know who you will meet on the canal. I like it!



Oakie said...

The only pub to visit in Jericho Neil. I would like £1 for every time I have been to my fave Oxford pub. Bet you have done the same to where I am now - Wheatsheaf at Crick.

Oakie said...
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