Sunday, June 05, 2016

Cropredy grand prix

Excitement here at the Cropredy Grand Prix as nbHerbie heads out of the pits and on to the circuit. Driver Neil is wearing his favourite sun hat as he steers through the chicane and down to the first lock. His release from the pits at 0950 was a smart move and brought him out ahead of three boats coming down the canal.

At Cropredy lock he is held up by nb Otter making a descent, but swift work by the Herbie team ensures an overtake as Otter (with a less than spectacular pit crew) pulled in for water.  Then a problem as the virtual safety car (aka a very low pound) slows the whole pack down to a crawl. After a couple of locks the VSC is released and Herbie is back up to a stunning 2.5 miles per hour.
Herbie arrives at the scheduled refueling stop at Banbury taking on not just any fuel but M&S fuel - a secret mixture of hummus, tzatziki and other top class ingredients.

The after a quick stop at the services below the lock, Herbie is required to undertake a twenty minute penalty to drop off co driver Jacob at the railway station.

By now Herbie's warm engine is on full song as she reaches an incredible three miles per hour, leaving all the opposition in her wake until crossing the finishing line between two lift bridges near the M40.

On the podium, a jubilant Kath and Neil celebrate with the customary G&T, basking in the evening sunshine and the ecstatic roar of the drivers on the M40.

Negotiations are currently under way as to the location of the next Grand Prix finish, but strong rumours of it being Aynho cannot be ignored.

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Vallypee said...

Oh I did enjoy this, Neil. I read it out load to Koos and we had a really good chuckle. Excellent writing, and my word...3 miles an hour must be breaking all Formula 1 nb records!! Congratulations to you and Kath!