Sunday, August 14, 2016

Twelve quid to see Mo Farah

It's been a bit frustrating on Herbie cos I love the Olympics and we haven't been able to watch in the marina due to a poor TV signal. Yesterday morning we popped into Banbury ( in the car) to get a couple of bits and bobs ( the fact that the bakery stall in the market sells Lardy cake was nothing to do with it - alright, a bit to do with it) and I bought a little aerial booster from Argos. I wasn't too hopeful, especially when we first tried it by pointing the aerial at Oxford and got no programmes at all. In desperation I pointed it at where I think Sutton Coldfield might be, and although it's twice as far away as Oxford we got 105 programmes! I only wanted BBC, but as that was one of the 105 we are now happy bunnies. £12 well spent. Total Control TV Booster if anyone is interested. Yippee! Olympics here we come.

The wind seems to have dropped and last night we could hardly hear the music from the festival site. On Friday night it was a lot better and we could clearly hear Steeleye Span and the Bootleg Beatles. Listening to it from here is a bit like sitting on Henman Hill, except we don't get a big screen. The BBs I thought were amazing. They charged through what seemed like dozens of Beatles hits sounding pretty much like the real thing, even on complicated arrangements like Penny Lane.

In the afternoon we strolled into the Brasenose garden where the fringe event is held in a very pleasant atmosphere as I am told the main festival has. They had some very good bands on (depending on your taste in music, I liked one of 'em anyway.) Looking round the garden, I reckon the average age of the audience was well north of 45. For a change I didn't feel old :-). Everybody was relaxed and friendly. I can see why they come every year as lots of them do.

No pictures today, our internet signal is a little bit better, must be atmospherics I suppose - what I need now is an internet signal booster.


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Vallypee said...

We were away when you posted this, Neil,mbut it sounds as if you had some great music there! Did you get to see Mo Farah?