Friday, August 05, 2016

Woking invasion Mark II

According to HG Wells, Woking was last invaded by Martians.  Well now it’s even more terrifying as the Historic NarowBoat Club (HNBC) have rolled up for the canal festival.  As we are unable to be at the festivities over the weekend, Kath and I drove over today to see the boats and say hello. 

Being well up the the Basingstoke canal Woking doesn’t usually see a lot of narrowboats and certainly not seventy footers.  Apparently the lady in the house by the winding hole where they all went to turn was somewhat alarmed by the bows of these leviathans nudging the garden plant pots.

Near the edge of the canal, the bottom is a bit too near the top, so nearly all the boats had to use long mooring ropes and make use of their top planks as extra long gangplanks to get ashore.

woking 2

It looks like it ought to be a good do over the weekend. The boats are in a very pleasant spot quite close to the town centre and there is a little park adjacent where there will be stalls and entertainment.  We can’t make it ‘cos I have volunteer duties tomorrow and a wedding to go to on Sunday.  (Yes I know Sunday weddings are a rarity, but this one has good reasons).

We walked the plank to get aboard Chertsey for tea and cakes with Sarah and Jim and with Pete and Irene who were alongside aboard Renfrew.  It was nice to meet up again.  The last time we met S&J was when they terrified the life out of us by suddenly looming through a bridge hole as we tootled on Herbie between Hillmorton to Braunston.  Chertsey can be a terrifying sight at the front end.  Sarah likes to say Chertsey is a Large Woolwich.  Large?  Pah!  This is what I call a large Woolwich:-

woking 3

As we left Pete and Irene were enjoying their ringside seat opposite a fishing heron.

woking 1

I hope the sun keeps shining for you folks.  Have a good one.

PS. Whoops, forgot to mention Rocky Ricky.  Woof woof me old mate.

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Vallypee said...

I bet that festival brightened up Woking no end!