Friday, April 27, 2018

Roofbox–the final solution

The final design problem solved!  Rummaging in my odds and ends box I found a bag of these


I can’t remember when I bought them or what job I used them on, but I seem to have hung on to a couple of dozen spare ones.  For scale, they have a six mm thread in the round end.  You screw them into a pre drilled hole with a hex key. (Sorry to insult the intelligence of DiYers, but some reader may not be familiar).Well, just the job for my roofbox ridge pole.  I sunk them into the ends of the pole like this. That’s a 28mm dia pole.


In my bits and bobs were some nice 6mm screws with wide domed heads and some washers, and hey presto:


Job’s a good ‘un as they say.  Rigid, but quickly.removable. I didn’t even have to splash out a couple of quid on a broom handle because my old ridge pole, although marginally too short for the old design, is fine for this one.

Kath has reinforced the sewing on the cover, and it fits (phew!), so apart from a few little cosmetic jobs ( e.g. screwing on some bungee cord buttons, ooh and mustn’t forget the tv aerial bracket)) we’re done and dusted.  The  floor board’s from the old box are a loose fit, but that’s fine, they’ll let any water out.

I got a gentle reminder (thanks) from Marilyin McD to slap three coats of paint on those bare wooden leg tops.  Little does she know I have already sneakily applied three coats of yacht varnish, which is better for that job and won’t be seen from the outside.

Is it straight out to Herbie to install the box then?.  “Would that it were” as a certain TV presenter might have said.  First I have to repaint the boat roof where the old box stood.  Not a quick job because inevitably the box feet took their toll on the paint.  When will it ever end?


Vallypee said...

It looks terrific, Neil! And I am going to buy some of those screwy things. How often have I needed those? Well, you don't know, but I do....lots!! Brilliant!

Marilyn McDonald said...

This is what I actually said, Neil (and I was right, wasn't I, that of course you would do it!)
"I just know you are going to put at least three coats of paint on the cut end of those corner posts, aren't you, Neil? I know for sure you don't want water getting into them and encouraging them to rot ...''

I remember getting a serve from some builders doing some work on our house when I had painted every face of a window frame apart from the bottom one - thinking for sure it didn't need it. But no! And it such a b*gger to get at as it was a top hinged small window above and non opening one ... Three coats at an extremely awkward angle!!

Anyway, that roof box is looking absolutely grand! And a good call re the yacht varnish - it's great stuff, eh?

Cheers, Marilyn