Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Herbie Awards – New Year Honours

A change in tradition!  Having wantonly missed the Christmas Deadline to finish the Herbie Awards, I have decided to cover up my sloppy work by introducing The Herbie New Year Honours list. What fun!  I could award the Order of the Herbie Empire (OHE), or how about the CHE – Commander of the Herbie Empire (no, I think that’s Kath, or should she get Companion of Honour?).  I think I ought to eschew awarding the title of Member of the Herbie Empire, people might think I was staging a hostile takeover.  How about the Order of the Bath?  Hmm , that would sound like I was frowning on a person’s personal hygiene.  I know.  Got it! The Herbie Order of the Canal Knights.  HOCK. And I know just the people to award it to.

People who read the many boater’s blogs may not realise the effort that goes into writing them. It’s not just typing up a few notes.  Photos have to be selected and edited (not to mention taking them in the first place), headlines have to be invented, facts sometimes have to be checked, interesting themes have to be chosen and of course prose has to be authored.  Anyone who keeps a regular blog going has to put in the hours.  So this year The Herbie Academy salutes all those dedicated folk who keep us amused and informed about the goings on up and down the cut.  Accordingly, taking out my sword I ask them to kneel before Herbie as I tap them on the shoulder and award the

Herbie Order of the Canal Knights


All the Boating Bloggers

Thanks to you all. You keep Kath quiet for many a happy hourSmile


nb Chuffed said...

I hope you are getting Kath to award you too Neil!
Happy New Year

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...


Do you still have your head, or did Kath behead you rather than tap you on the shoulder?

Thanks for the shared award - you are right about the time it takes to blog. I love doing it, but at times it overwhelms me and I fall badly behind. Over the last few days I have been re-reading my blog from the beginning - it made interesting reading for the memories conjured up, the patterns in my writing, as well as the more distressing sight of my weight loss then gain ... Back on the 5/2 for me!

Cheers, Marilyn www.nbwakahuia.blogspot.co.uk

Sue said...

Thank you for that wonderful award!

Sometimes it is difficult to put together the words that our blot readers crave for. It has been a difficult year for me the last one and keeping the readers happy has been tough!

But we are all still there and we do think of the headlines to be invented sometimes!

Thanks Neil!

Vallypee said...

I so agree, Neil. I’m not on the cut, and I’m not in the UK, but as a river resident in Europe, I know all about keeping the blog going and I enjoy yours and many other UK canal blogs, so I support your HOCK award wholeheartedly!

Jennie said...

From a dilatory blogger having a rather belated catch up (too busy having a fun New Year with fellow bloggers!) many thanks for this well deserved reward to all bloggers. Only those who blog know the effort it takes and I for one love reading not only what others have been up to and where they are, but also the many interesting facts about the canals and their surrounds. Jennie nb Tentatrice

Pip and Mick said...

Thank you Neil for the joint award.
You are right about how much work it takes to keep the photos coming editing them, resizing and then adding them to the waffle that comes from a keypad. I can see Mick sighing as the camera comes out again!
We all write our blogs for ourselves to be able to look back on and to keep in touch with each other. This summer I reduced the number I was reading due to working. Have to say I missed knowing where everyone was and logging bits of useful information about places we are still to venture. I still have a lot of catching up to do on a few blogs, saving that as a treat for serious inclement weather.
So thank you to all who want to share their lives and time with us.