Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mikron at Goring

Last night we went to Goring Lock to see Mikron Theatre. As some of you know, Mikron travel the waterways, performing plays each night. We have been going to their productions for many years now and always enjoy them. This year they are doing two plays, one about Thomas Telford, which we saw in Reading a week or so ago, and last night's play " The Lacemakers" about a family from Leicester whose livelihood was destroyed by the luddites and had to move to Devon, then to France, and finally to Australia in order to find work.

The whole show is put on by the cast of four, who besides being actors also set up the stage and the PA and lights, and play the music and take the money and sell programmes and of course work the boat all day to reach the venue. Of the two plays this year, this one was easily the best and well worth a night out if they come near you. About 40 people turned up with the usual chairs and picnics and we sat alongside the river to watch while, mercifully, the rain held off.

On the way there we took a short walk along the Thames at Pangbourne to see if the rain had affected it. Surprisingly, the river seemed pretty docile, and the rowing club boats were not having any problem with the current.

It was the same at Goring where, in the dusk after the show, I took these pictures of Mikron's trusty boat Tyseley.

Well, Blogger tells me that this is the one hundredth posting on this blog. I've had over 3000 visits now and seem to have about 8 or 10 visitors each day. Thanks for reading, and please come back soon for more.

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