Saturday, June 23, 2007

We'll weather the weather whatever the weather

Some very heavy showers today. I'm glad I fixed our conservatory guttering yesterday, even if it did half drown me when I cleared a blockage from the downpipe, releasing two or three gallons of backed up rainwater in a woosh!

We're off tonight for a couple of days on the Herbie. Down to Brentford in the company of Sandra and Graham on Shallmar. I think we'll get wet but what the heck. I'm more concerned that the river Brent which joins the canal at the foot of Hanwell locks isn't in flood. If it is, we might have a hairy time.

Do you like my saucepan? I've just finished painting it to go on Herbie's roof, planted with herbs (of course). Originally it was an old brown enamelled job we picked up years ago. When you are retired you have time to waste hours on such jobs. It didn't even cost me for the laquer paint which came from a job lot of old tins given to me by Pete Higson last year.

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