Thursday, June 28, 2007

Safe and sound

Despite all the rain everywhere, and the terrible flooding in the midlands and the North, we seem to have escaped problems on th Grand Union, and even the Thames, which is quite prone to flooding seems OK at the moment. The boating grapevine is buzzing with stories of beached boats and daring rescues at the moment. Some of them are very scary, as the hire boating couple near Cropthorne on the Avon who had tied their boat up to trees to stop it being washed away while they waited for a rescue. They were scared the ropes would give out at any minute.

The benign state of the Thames is good for our friends Graham and Sandra on Shallmar, currently boating up the royal river. When they get near to our home, we may pop out to them on the bus and steal a ride for a day.

When I was writing about good boat names on a previous blog entry, I forgot to mention a good one we saw recently - Sailbad the Sinner. Clever.

I've been doing the stats today. Apparently, since February we have done 183 miles and 212 locks on Herbie. This compares to 276 miles and 288 locks for the same period last year. Some catching up to do.

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