Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Herbie Awards first results

If you read a few posts back, you'll come to my categories for the Herbie annual awards.

After some consultation we're plaeased to announce the result for Best Overnight Mooring (remember this is just based on where we have been this year). And the winner is (long pause for dramatic effect) - Alonsgide Startops reservoir at Marsworth. Why? Sheltered, tidy, good views from the top of the adjacent bank, abundant wildlife, lots of good local walks, a number of good pubs in walking distance (including the brilliant Anglers Retreat), a boaty atmosphere, and a friendly mooring warden (Hazel). Its a long walk to the shops in Tring, but a pleasant one, and there you can even buy big cans of draught beer from the wonderful Tring Brewery. Well done Marsworth.

Our next category is Most Scenic Day's Cruise. Not a lot of nominations for this. Our bit of the GU has lots of pretty bits, (Denham to Harefield, Cassiobury park to Lady Capel's, Tring cutting, Marsworth flight, )but perhaps not a whole day's worth of prettiness in one go. So we have one real nomination and hence an automatic winner. It is ,Da tada da tada daaah - Ivinghoe to Fenny Stratford.

Alright there is Leighton Buzzard in the middle, but even that is quite nice on the water. The rest of the stretch is lush pasture land with pretty villages lying half a mile back from the canal. There are lovely views over towards Whipsnade and winding streams alongside the waterway. A fine example of the English countryside and always a pleasure to cruise.

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