Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another good pub find and a crazy building

It’s funny how doing a familiar journey with new companions gives you a fresh look at places. Today we cruised from Paddington to Limehouse with Phil and Janet and discovered a number of things new to us although we have done the trip ourselves quite a few times now.

We’re always happy to discover a good pub, and as Phil is partial to a lunchtime pint we stopped off at the Narrow Boat just below city road basin. From the canal this looks like more like a wine bar, but entering from street level above the canal revealed a comfortable bistro style bar with three good real ales and what looked like a tasty menu. There is mooring right outside too. Another fine addition to our favourite watering holes list.

Despite a gloomy weather forecast it stayed dry and we arrived at Limehouse basin in time to explore the area on foot before dark. There seems to b e something interesting around every corner, and one thing we hadn’t stumbled on before was the crazy portico of the Limehouse Link tunnel. This huge edifice of pink and cream stone looks like something from radio GaGa or King Kong. The building stands a good forty feet higher than the top of the tunnel and probably contains something. Maybe in the morning I’ll wander back over and take a photo.

Last night we had the first of three sessions of Desert Island Discs. Kath did hers, mostly folky things, and the only thing the general population would know was Leonard Cohen. Tonight Phil is doing his. First however we have to do our customary visit to the Grapes and eat some fish and drink some beer.

It’s a hard life.

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Simon said...

ah yes - stopped there with Phil on NB Jacob ( year or two ago - nice place.

Got to chat with Roger Watson Sun night!