Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are rivers for whimps? Lies, damn lies and . . .

We have had Herbie now for three springs and summers and it's interesting to look at our cruising stats between January and September only over the three years

2006--404 miles--332 locks--60 days on board
2007--399 miles--390 locks --58 days on board
2008--481 miles--226 locks--60 days on board

You can see that we got further this year because we had less locks to do in the same number of days. That's because we've done more river and less canal this year and haven't gone up the GU over the Chilterns . If you add locks to miles you get 736, 789 and 707 which is not all that big a variation.

Life is a bit easier on the river then. But are rivers for whimps? Not likely! In fact, in my book, probably the other way round. The lack of big lock flights is more than compensated for by the horrors of flood conditions. I don't fancy hanging on to trees by my fingernails or getting trapped under bridges. We'll stick to river cruising when the weather is good thanks.

The figures don't give annual totals, there is still October to December to count. I reckon we're getting our money's worth anyway. By the time we count those in, Herbie will have has clocked up well over a thousand locks with us. No wonder my arms ache.

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I couldn't agree more!