Sunday, February 07, 2010

Easy peasy

My first attempt at passing through a wide lock solo proved to be quite easy. Taking Simon's advice, after tying up and setting the lock, I brought Herbie very slowly into the lock entrance and stepped off carrying the centre rope as she drifted into the lock chamber. A quick nip up the steps and from then on all went pretty much as normal. I dare say not all locks would be as easy, but at Cowley it's a piece of cake as long as you have basic know how and a bit of lock experience.

Herbie waits patiently as I set the lock

Camera in one hand, tiller in the other, and rope in the other (how did I do that??) I approach the lock steps ready to jump off.

Safely in and tied up
All done and we're on our way out of Cowley bridge.

Once out of the lock I didn't have to close the gates because a pair of coal boats was waiting to come in. Very handy as I was bale to buy a bag of homefire ovals as we passed!


VallyP said...

Good for you! Nice pics to Neil.

Anonymous said...

Well done you!

Do you recall what the coal boat was called? I think we passed her later coming along the Paddington Arm - we've been scratching our heads for the name - was it Baron?

Sue, Indigo Dream