Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling the strain

Once a week from now until the boat repaint in April, I need to do something aboard Herbie in preparation. This week it was clearing out the lockers on the rear deck because we'll be painting that area. As well as the usual windlasses, mooring stakes, hammer and so on there were old oily rags, cans, plastic bottles used to make oil funnels, scraps of rope etc. I filled a sack and took it to the tip, and in doing so somehow rigged a muscle in my back and now I'm fit only for lolling about for a day or so. That's my excuse anyway.

I also went to the Uxbridge where they supply craftmaster paint and talked about colours and quantities and ordering times. Interestingly, when I revealed our chosen colour scheme, the lady in the shop said it was exactly what they were planning for their new boat!.

Here is a view I knocked up in Google sketchup.

I say knocked up as though it was casual. Actually it wasn't easy and took me ages, but it gives some idea of how the boat might look. You can see the rear deck area plainly here. I think I might do some part of it in the light grey to break it up a bit.

Here's another view.


Halfie said...

Is that one of BW's famous (infamous) square wooden bollards in the second picture? I suppose the tiller is even harder to do. I assume that once you've created the drawing you can rotate it in 3-D. Great effect.

Simon said...

the picture looked rather unsettling to me until I workd out there was no-one at the tiller, but then, as Halfie points out, there's no tiller to be at...

Ooh, C pointed out to me that I'd been added to your cast list. Honoured & humbled... ;-)