Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping us warm and food cold. and a puzzle.

A factory on fire? No just the Nescafe works at Hayes having a brew up.

It's a good job the coal boats were out and busy last week or we might have run out (of coal not coffee). They're doing a roaring trade in this freezing weather. We had the stove running 24 hours a day to keep warm in Paddington. Still, we were able to save battery by switching off the fridge and putting milk etc on the outside deck.

As ever we had a good time in the capital and deployed our bus passes to the max. I'm now getting quite expert on London buses and can't remember why I used to prefer the tube. A year or to back, if I was asked "What's the best way to Turnham Green?", I would probably have suggested a felt tip pen, but now I know it's a 27 bus :-)

Anyway, here's a puzzle for you. What is this object seen in the British Museum? Not a real camera obviously. I'll give you time to think and post the answer tomorrow.


Halfie said...

First digital camera? Oh, wait, you said it wasn't a real camera. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be pointed out that it is bigger than it looks. Much bigger than a real camera.

ZAch said...


Simon said...

film prop, of some description?

James said...

Is it something to do with a remote island cargo-cult?

I can remember hearing somewhere about some remote islanders, who visited by explorers for the first time, made models of the previously unseen technology such as radios.