Friday, August 13, 2010

Boring video

I think I've worked out how to shrink a 70Mb video down to a much smaller size to put it on the blog, so as my final word on Severn bores I'll post it here to see if it's OK. I expect at this size the quality won't be great but the event is worth watching. Don't forget to turn up the volume on your PC as the sound is a big part of it all.

I watched the bore no less than six times this week, the best being the first, although I think the night time ones might have been higher. The one shown here is not the biggest.

Should you ever go to watch the bore, beware the websites that tell you the best places to watch. I've now concluded that they refer to the easiest places to watch i.e. where the river is closest to the road. We went to the Severn Bore Inn at Minsterworth last night which is a very popular viewing spot and a large crowd gathered, but the wave when it passed was more of a swell than a wave. There was a collective sigh of disappointment. We jumped in the car and drove to Maisemore bridge where there were only a handful of people and the bore was better.

Anyway, do go if you get the chance, however big or small the bore it is a thrilling thing to watch the tide surge up the river, and the great thing is that no amount of government spending cuts can cancel it!!


Simon said...

I'd love to see the bore actually, I'll make it one day.

meanwhile - look up 'boring' in the yellow pages. It's worth it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Dave.

VallyP said...

Brilliant! I haven't seen a piece of film to beat this yet and I think I've watched all the possible vids on youTube!