Friday, August 06, 2010

Looking forward to seeing a bore

Just back home for one night, having had a good time in our beloved Shropshire.

Tomorrow morning we're off again, this time to Gloucester where Rick's son Tim is getting married. Fittingly for us, the wedding reception will be on a boat in Gloucester docks, right near the waterways museum too. What splendid planning. Then we're staying on in the area for a few days.

What do you call someone who goes on and on about one of Britain's longest rivers? A Severn Bore of course. And it so happens that we will be staying in the right place at the right time to see the bore next week. Something I have never done, but have always wanted to. Hopoefully I'll have some pics to show you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, bit of a bore nut myself and saw your post through google. Water levels are really low in the river at the moment so some of the normal viewing points won't be up to their best. If you are heading to the West bank then your best bets next week will be the Strand at Westbury, followed by the Severn bore Inn at Minsterworth 45 minute later followed by Maisemore bridge 45 minutes later again. If you choose to follow it on the East bank then you are best to view it from Hock Cliff followed by the Rea at Hempsted some hour and a half later. Happy hunting!

Neil Corbett said...

Thanks Dave We'll try either the severn bore inn or maisemore as they are both near to where we are staying


VallyP said...

Another part of England I am very fond of. Looking forward to you pics of the bore!