Thursday, August 12, 2010

Even more boring and a super bridge sign

Two more Severn bores. The first in the dark last night when we couldn't see a lot but from the sound of the rushing water it must have been quite a good one. Even at that time there was a surfer and three canoeists on the wave as it passed under the bridge. Then this morning at the same spot where I had watched alone yesterday, there were 38 of us watching the next bore. Nine surfers and a canoe rode the wave in line abreast and a few unfortunate souls who had fallen off their boards brought up the rear.
The biggest one is supposed to be tonight and we may go to try to see that too. I love it! I took short videos today and when I can figure out how, I'll try to put one on the blog soon.

Meanwhile, how about this sign seen in the museum at Gloucester docks. A lovely choice of wording don't you think?


VallyP said...

I'm going to use this sign as an exercise in prepositions for my students ;-) Excellent.

Would love to see video of the bore. I must google it and find out how often it all happens. Definitely worth a trip to see it. Thanks so much for the photos yesterday.

Halfie said...

An "up, down and under"!