Monday, March 14, 2011

New CanalOmeters launched

Further to my post the other day, I think I have now cracked how to put PDFs on a blog page, so I have scrapped my old CanalOmeters link and replaced it with a new one where you will find Ometers old and new.  Just follow the link under Pages heading on the right of the screen.

In particular you might like to look at the new detailed Southern Grand Union one which is an experiment at including info on places where you can get diesel, food, beer, water and empty your loo.  Also there, are Ometers for the London Canals, the Lee Navigation, the River Nene, the South Oxford Canal, and further up the GU Bulbourne to Braunston.  Some have a slightly different layout from others, reflecting the gradual improvements I have tried to make.

I'd be very grateful if someone could try to download one and report back , so I can check  that they can be got from your end.  I think I have got the sharing permissions right, but you never know.  They were a bit slow to load from here this morning but that might be just my old PC which runs on calor gas.

I have some more to put up soon, which are journeys around The Leicester Arm and one from Crick to Cropredy - ready for cruises from our new Crick base.  Only a few weeks now until we are there.


Matthew said...

A randomly-selected canalometer worked for me, but did make me log into google docs.

Kevin said...

Hi Neil,

Just tried them and they all load-up in a clickety click of the mouse. No access problems at all.


Neil Corbett said...

Aah, that's better. Mathew's comment was a bit of a worry. Anyone else?

Kevin said...


They work the same for me regardless of signing in to google account or not.


Halfie said...

Neil, as with Matthew it asked me to sign in to Google. When I printed it it seemed quite small - about two and a half inches diameter, and tiny location lettering - is there an easy way to enlarge it before I print?

Bill Rodgers said...

The CanalOmeters look great. Would suggest you check out Creative Commons. It's a internationally recognized license that would give you the exact legalese wording you want. They have a nice tool to help you create and choose which license you want and I believe they're free. Website is

Rick said...

I too tried printing and had the same problem as Halfie. I right clicked on the image and saved it on the desktop. It is then possible to print it out full size using the print wizard. BUT it comes out all fuzzy and pixely. Is this a problem with the original or is it my steam driven set-up?

Neil Corbett said...

Hmmph. Nothing is ever as simple as it ought to be is it? Thanks guys. I'll do some further investigation. It certainly shouldn't come out fuzzy as the original is large and sharp. As it's a PDF I thought it ought to be OK, but obviously not

I have some ideas but no time right now as I have a three year old pestering for a bike ride. I'll have a go when we get back.


Simon said...

Bike rides are very important!

Opened & printed for me OK, but I was signed in anyway, and couldn't be arsed to sign out. I seemed to remember Google docs have settings about privacy, there may be another level down you need to select?

One minor comment - we're left to find the centre of the circles ourselves. You've done the rest of the hard work for us, why not do the rest too.. ;-)

We'll give the Londonometer a test on Weds; if we get lost, we'll be suing.