Monday, March 14, 2011

Problem solved??

Field trials over the phone with Rick seem to have solved the problem of downloading PDFs of CanalOmeters. (see previous post and comments). We achieved successes using both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. I have now put instructions on the CanalOmeters  page.

After you have selected and displayed your chosen Ometer, it appears on a Google Docs page. It seems you have to use the Download Original or Print PDF options (beneath the coloured Google logo) on that page.  These options really do do what it says on the tin. Other methods like right clicking the image or the link do not seem to work.

Some little issues remain.  Currently some older Ometers are presented landscape, whereas as the newer ones are portrait format. Note that if you want the full size A4 version of the landscape ones, you will need to set your printer preferences to landscape.  Ever since Simon showed me one he had printed up small, I prefer the smaller ones produced by the portrait format - much handier on deck.

Fingers crossed, I hope we now have a working model.


Sue said...

Yep, nice one.

I'll go with the River Nene one and use it.. I'll do a real test for you on the river and send the feedback..

Neil Corbett said...

Thanks Sue, although I trust the river ones least because of the varying conditions, and as for the Nene locks - well I don't have to tell you about them . . :-)

Eddie said...

Fantastic idea
I am going on two extended trips this year one in the summer for three weeks and three weeks around october when i'm made redundant. Have no idea where we will cruise yet but i'd pay for your CanalOmeters.
canalplan is a great tool but printing the info is a huge drain on paper and ink, But with pearsons and nicholsons for backup CanalOmeter would work for me