Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Huge explosions near the canal

If you like fireworks, see if you can get along to Stanford Hall near Lutterworth next August.  They put on a firework competition each year and it's only a fifteen minute drive from our moorings at Crick so this year we went along.  You would have been able to hear the displays from much of the canal between Crick and Welford and possibly see it too from some places.

Four professional fireworks companies each put on a display, set to music of their choice.  The first three displays are in competition and the fourth is just for the organising company to show off.  The audience of umpteen thousand people votes by text at the end of the displays.

Interestingly the winner collected 70% of the votes, but amongst our group of  5, we had votes for all three, so it shows they were all very good.  I suspect the winners got the votes for their timing to the music, which was amazingly good.

I took lots of pictures but my timing wasn't so hot. These pictures are about the best of the bunch.

Having returned from our camping holiday, I'm planning to go out to Herbie tomorrow for a few days DiY. I've got a long list of small jobs.


Anonymous said...

We're coming through Crick this weekend - if you hear a horn hooting it'll be us coming through.

Any chance of another pint or four...?

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Rick said...

Let me know if you need any tools!