Friday, August 05, 2011

Too shallow for boating next week

While all you boaters are scraping the bottom next week, we'll be in even shallower waters.  Here.

Mmm you say, that does look fairly shallow.  Where is it?  The tent is a bit of a giveaway, yes we're camping. To get a better ideal follow Kath over this style just to the right of the ford - mind the sheep

on up this steep path (this is also the way to the shops believe it or not!)

and after quite a walk you can look back down at the campsite we'll be staying at

Yes, but where is it?  Well if we look to our right from where the above picture is taken we see this

Pretty but still not very helpful.  Lets look from the same spot, but back over our shoulder

Still don't know?

It's Shropshire, the Stretton Hills.  Is it any wonder we keep going back every year.  And I have only shown you a tiny part of it.

We'll be stopping off at Herbie on the way to watch a huge firework display.  Should I get any decent photos I'll show you when we get back.

Have a nice week.


Halfie said...

Phort gatting, eh? So that's what you get up to!

Neil Corbett said...

Thank you John for so cruelly pointing out my awful typing ;-)

I have amended said errors.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I didn't know you were coming to Norfolk

Vallypee said...

Okay, I have chuckled over the previous comments, but in all seriousness, Shrophire is one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever been to, and coming from South Africa (also known for its lovely landscapes) that's saying a lot. Beautiful indeed, Neil, and no wonder you keep returning.