Monday, January 28, 2013

Lewis does it again - walks from Oxford to Uxbridge in seconds

Not for the first time has Kevin Whately broken the world distance walking record. Tonight Inspector Lewis and his lady friend walked along an Oxford Street, over a bridge, jumped over a fence and landed on the GU towpath in Uxbridge. This time I think it was opposite the dolphin pub unless I am very much mistaken.

I'm guessing they must be using film studios locally, of which there are a couple. Not that I mind, it gives Kath and me a lot of pleasure spotting the discrepancies, and it's only that we happen to know that bit of canal so well.

As well as the Dolphin smoking area with wooden railings shown in the reflection, we recognised the windows of the boat behind the one on fire.


Anonymous said...

We've caught them filming Lewis on the GU before now - not sure why - it's not as if Oxford is short of water!

We're forever "losing the plot" in favour of trying to identify waterways on TV programmes :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps. hope you're both well - 2013 off to a typical start as I've spent the week in bed with suspected measles :-(

Rainman said...

DCI Barnaby is also confusing. This week he was investigating in Midsomer Pastures not that it was the Vicar of Dibley's village.