Sunday, February 17, 2013


We chickened out of taking Herbie out today because of ice on the water. I don't mind getting a few scuffs on the rubbing strikes, but having blacking scraped off the whole of the water line is quite another matter.

So we jumped in the car and tootled out to Foxton locks. Blimey, you should have seen the visitors car park. Choc a bloc and it's a big one. I showed Grace the ruins of the inclined plane
and after a visit to the little museum, she got the hang of how it worked.

On the way back we dropped in at Welford where this time last year the reservoir was on it's last legs. Practically empty. What a difference a year makes. Today it's brimming over. There I met a chap who claimed to be one of the reservoir watch team. He told me that after heavy rain a couple of weeks back, the outflow from Sulby reservoir above, was like Niagara Falls.

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Hi Both,
Foxton museum 1st Sunday of the month come and have a sing with the rest of us if your around.