Thursday, February 14, 2013

Up to scratch plus what I have in common with Wayne Rooney

Well our shiny new hull blacking has been on for two months now.  I suppose it’s time we faced up to the inevitable and scraped a bit off.  We’re looking far too smart although the pristine hull does show up the gunnels somewhat.  I’ll get then touched up next time we have the right weather. 

Speaking of weather, it looks like things are getting a bit better.  We may take Herbie out for a few days starting on Sunday.  I don’t suppose we’ll make it down Watford Locks without a scratch somewhere on our lovely shiny hull.  Should we by some miracle manage it, I imagine that Braunston tunnel will oblige if we meet a boat coming the other way.  The first scratch is always distressing but once that’s over you can relax.

BTW I had cause to have a short conversation with the great Roger Bucknall today.  Who dat? I hear you ask.  Well his customers include (amazingly) Wayne Rooney, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and David Beckham plus a good few more of equal notoriety.  Oh and me.  Follow this link and you’ll see who he is, plus you’ll be able to listen to him telling a very short but amusing tale.

Why was I speaking to him?  Just trying to get a small spare part.

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