Friday, March 08, 2013

A can of worms

Hmmmm. I’ve been thinking.

Many thanks to those who responded to my experiment with spreadsheets (see yesterday’s post).  People clearly think that they are a Good Idea, and I daresay if I posted up a collection of them I would get quite a few takers.  I’m sure its OK for an individual to generate the data from CanalPlan and format it for personal use, but me giving away the data without permission is something I wouldn’t do. So before going any further I have contacted Nick at CanalPlan to get his view on how far I can take this. This is what I did with the original CanalOmeters and they kindly consented to me giving them away with an attribution to CanalPlan. I’m sure you will agree that  CanalPlan is the most amazing piece of work, freely available to all, and I have to respect their rights.  With hindsight I should probably have contacted them before making yesterday’s post.

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John said...

Hi Neil,

Can see the problem with you downloading the CanalPlan data and then passing that on to people. However your spreadsheet is so useful why not offer it to CanalPlan so that they offer a 'blank' one to people to insert their own data in after they've downloaded it from the CanalPlan website.

I have already done this with some routes I downloaded last year and it works fine. As we are only on our share boat for a week at a time I use the CanalPlan data to plan our trips, just to make sure I'm not over ambitious with the distance we can cover. Saves trying to rush back to the base as the light fades.