Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Batchworth lock boat sinking– Rainman becomes Painman


On getting a CRT stoppage message about a boat sunk in Batchworth Lock we duly despatched our own paparrazi  to bring this picture.  Our Rickmansworth Correspondent David (Rainman) Allum was persuaded to grab his camera and stagger over the road from his house despite being in some pain from a recent tumble on his knees (well when you get to his age . . ).  Three cheers for his efforts, the cheque’s in the post.

He says he thinks the boat probably got its bow caught under the top gates as the lock filled.  Anyway, as you can see they are deploying the time honoured method of pumping out the boat and at the time he left to stagger back home, David said it was indeed rising.

Get well soon mate.


Alan Fincher said...

Apparently the rudder is caught between the bottom gates.

Also latest report is that a third attempt to refloat it has failed.

Halfie said...

er... empty the lock, open bottom gates, then pump out boat? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

The boat was raised this afternoon, Jim went to watch Tim & Nick do it, they have raised many a sunken boat.
Annie Mac