Monday, March 25, 2013

Can you identify this engine?

This is a really really hard one.  Here are two parts of an amazing  marine engine I saw the other day.  I was a bit gobsmacked. They are part of an exhibit, and so you see cutaway sections.

IMAG0213_edited-1 IMAG0212_edited-1

Apologies for the poor photos, it was gloomy and I only had my phone, which has no flash. The first photo shows  a cutaway of the cylinder head and piston.  I wouldn’t expect you to recognise the engine so here are some extra clues.

It is a type of semi diesel engine.  It has I think three (maybe four) cylinders, and is very very compact.  It was produced in a number of versions, the latest one developed 465hp at 1300 rpm and weighed 210lb, (that’s some power to weight ratio!) and it could propel it’s craft (which weighed well over a ton) at a speed of over 40 knots over a range of a few miles.

Rick wouldn’t believe me when I told him such things existed, and he’s an engineer!

I don’t expect details of make and model, but can anyone guess what this engine is for?


Andy Healey said...

Motor Torpedo Boat

MoominPapa said...

Torpedo, burning fuel and compressed air or compressed oxygen?

Halfie said...

Torpedo. (And I hadn't seen the other comments.)