Thursday, April 04, 2013

Drinking(?) water

Just look the the photos at the foot of this post. Both glasses of water from our fresh water tank on Herbie. Which one would you drink?

Today we chucked a couple of bottles of Milton into the tank to sterilise it. Then Grace and popped outside to give the boat a good side to side rocking to stir up the tank. I suppose we should have told Kath first as she was making the bed at the time. She was not all that happy about suddenly being tipped base over apex, but fortunately no serious harm was done.

After an hour we ran the taps until the tank emptied, and very near the bottom I drew off the two glasses of water you see in the photos. The clear one is through our water filter which shows that it works. The brown one is through the main sink tap. It''s not a pleasant sight but it is only rust which I don't think is harmful. We only ever see that when the tank is virtually empty. Under normal conditions it settles on the tank bottom and doesn't reach the taps.

Then of course we had to refill the tank which seems to take forever. Or so I thought. Of course I had reckoned without the addictive charms of Pointless on the telly, which made us quite forget the hose until Kath enquired as to the strange gurgling and splashing noise up front. Suffice it to say that the well deck was awash. Still the drain holes did their job and no harm was done.

I'm pleased to report that our water is now running crystal clear on all taps, although we will only be drinking the filtered stuff. In actual fact, tonight I am only drinking Jim Beam which I am sure kills 99% of all known germs.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm that is a worry - glad that your filter's working!

We tend not to drink tank water now but fill up 5l bottles with fresh every few days - even so we have to check the bottles for green algae!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

p.s. hope you're both well - hope to catch up with you in person sometime :-)