Friday, April 19, 2013

Herbie crew reputation at risk.

This is not like us at all. Kath and I have worked hard over the years to build up our reputation for indolence and here we are having done two days boating (by our standards) in one day and then doing jobs after we arrived. I washed and polished most of Herbie's port side after we arrived at Cropredy. Because we set off at half past eight instead of our usual ten o'clock, we were up the Napton flight by half past ten and plodded on round the twists and turns of the Wormleighton wiggle before lunch. At our usual pace we would have stopped at Fenny Compton, but we pressed on through the tunnel that isn't a tunnel then down eight more locks to get here.

"That's nothing, " i hear you say, "we used to do the four counties ring before breakfast and then sand the cabin back to bare metal and put four coats of paint on before elevenses. ". And well you may have done, dear reader, but that ain't us.

We felt duty bound, after a rather fine chicken in an onion, cider and mustard sauce cooked by Kath, to explore the delights of the Red Lion. We did note that they have a vegetarian option for Peter should we return here on our homeward trip but it was only veggie sausages. Duh. I think we'll opt for the Brazenose.

Peter emailed to say that he was given a raspberry pi as a leaving present from work. If you don't know what that is then you probably don't care to. If you do know, and you know me, you may guess that I am excited to see it.


Simon said...

I did start (using Canalplan, of course) to work out stats for some of the days on my Llangollen trip, but didn't get that far.

Otherwise, us cool kids have had Raspberry Pis (should be Pii, but I doubt it is) for ages. Ages.

MortimerBones said...

Impressive boating!!!

Val Poore said...

It sounds like a lot more than we have ever done - especially the work part :-) I don't know what a Raspberry Pi is. Google here I come.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you've been imbued with the spirit of Indigo Dream - I wondered where it had gone - we've become mega-indolent in our cruising!

Enjoy the trip - hope that Banbury was ok overnight :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

Rasperry Pi, great for a boat me thinks!