Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And the 2013 Herbie Special Award goes to . .

Yes, the moment has arrived when we find out who it is that we feel should have some special recognition this year.  The coveted Herbie Special Award with its illustrious list of former holders is not just a personal award from us at Herbie HQ. Each year we try to give it to someone we know is widely admired in the boat blogging community and who has during the year behaved in a special way.  We’re very pleased this year because we know that our winner will be a very popular choice.  The Award goes to a person we feel we know well, but we have never met, although we did try on one occasion.

The citation this year returns to where we started in 2010 with the wording FOR FORTITUDE. 

The story of this person’s year is not for me to tell, but she has told it so well in her postings. It is a story of love, courage, determination and achievement in very difficult circumstances.  We know that many of you will be delighted to know that this year’s Herbie Special Award goes to . . (roll of drums and seemingly interminable pause while the camera pans across the faces of the bookies favourites) . .

Jaq of NbValerie

Huge round of applause and cries of “Quite right too”

Now I’m absolutely sure that Jaq would want to point out that Les had to show a bit of fortitude as well and of course he shares in the Award, as do all those  very nice boaters and bloggers who I know helped out Jaq in her hour of need. So well done to you all.

Note to Jaq- You may well wonder what the benefits are of being a Herbie Award holder, and I have to tell you that there aren’t any except knowing that we think you deserve it.  Oh and you get this priceless shield which you can have tatooed on your person or displayed on your mantelpiece or blog or wherever.


Note to readers who wonder who Jaq is. Well you should peruse her blog (follow this link) and read back over the months where she fought long and hard to see Les through his battles against cancer.  I think you will find that Fortitude has not been in short supply aboard NbValerie.


Adam said...

'Quite right too' is exactly right. Great choice.

Vallypee said...

Congratulations from another Valerie! Jaq sounds like a worthy winner!

Boatwif said...

Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!!!
Ken nb Cleddau

Ian and Karen said...

An excellent choice, Bravo Jaq (and Les).

Jacquie said...

How nice for them both to be recognised in this way, it is well deserved, as they both fought their own battles so hard. There was a lot to cope with. And yet they also found time and words of encouragement for me too. xxx Luv them both xxx Jacquie.
The awards have been great.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a very worthy winner :-)

The only trouble with this year's awards is that they seem to have come to an end too quickly - and I so enjoyed wearing my sequins :-)

Happy Christmas to you both and hope that we can catch up for a bit of cruising in 2014.


Sue & the Indigodreamers

Valari on nb Stardus said...

absolutely a perfect choice! She inspires me!

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

I am so touched!! Thank you Neil and Kath. I'm all teary eyed now...Les and I are gobsmacked to be recognized by such a warm and welcoming community of very fine people.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

A most deserving recipient congratulations Jaq.

Llosgi said...

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year, Kath and Neil. Thanks for the awards, always fun and well done to Jaq!

Pip said...

Can't think of a better recipient! Well done Jaq.
Pip & Roger

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Have just found your blog and think your 'For Fortitude' award is brilliant. There is none more deserving then Jaq and Les, they are an inspiration to all of us. Happy New Year to you.

Irene & Ian

Linda Gifford-Hull said...

Congratulations - well deserved :-)

Linda and Richard
NB Mary H

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader of Les & Jaq's blog and I think this is a lovely gesture. I will now start reading your blog, too!