Saturday, February 08, 2014

Oi - read this

What are you doing reading this? We're in Paddington where there is a bit of wind but the.canal Is about normal level. I suggest you go off and read about some real boaters like Sue and Vic on No Problem on the Oxford Canal or James and Amy on Serverner Willow on the Cam. They have some serious flooding to report. Great stuff.


Off you go.

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While you're at it read about Jaq and Les on the Aylesbury arm.




Val Poore said...

just been catching up, Neil. That's why I'm here. Glad to see you are your old cheery self :-) I'm also glad to see your novel is still a WIP. I'm fo;;owing its progress with interest! Do you have a word count goal?

Sue said...

I don't know about real boaters having to contend with the weather! I tell you what I wouldn't mind being where you are now.

See YOU are the real boater being in the right place at the right time!

Neil Corbett said...

I'm aiming at 80k words 'cos I read somewhere that that is the recommended length for a first novel. I think I might just finish on exactly that number, just for the hell of it. It would be fun to finish in mid sentence:-)