Monday, February 03, 2014

The news from Paddington!

Here we are in Paddington, a day later than originally planned, but we did find one mooring spot betwwen the station side entrance and the basin. So that's where we are. Actually it's a good spot for the solar panel, so we're happy. The basin itself is fully occupied as usual, although at least one of the boats there is one that wasnt there on Friday, so someone has moved. Anyone prepared to breast up at Little Venice would find about three or four spaces there today.

There is a lot happening at the end of the basin. A coffer dam has been built across it, just beyond the fenced off pontoon barrier which appeared before Christmas. The area beyond the dam has been pumped dry while they start preparations for the new lift footbridge they will be building. I have some rather fine photos of it which I would show you now had I not just discovered that I forgot to bring the lead to get photos from the camera to the ipad:-( Sorry, folks. I'll take the ipad round here later and use it as a camera.

The reason we have taken three days to get here is that we stayed put at Greenford yesterday, so Kath could go home to attend the christening of our next door neighbour's baby boy. His mum and dad are from Kerala where,perhaps surprisingly many people are Roman Catholics and the weather is scorchio, but not as scorchio as their food! They sent Kath back with a doggy bag for me with some very nice food which they said was specially mild. It was in fact about Madras strength in English parlance which as you probably know is pretty hot. Yummy though.

I was all keyed up for a fight this morning. Some inconsiderate bloke had moored his boat all of yesterday on the water point at Greenford, and we needed water this morning. I am not one that enjoys confronation but I had made up my mind that this morning we would pull up alongside and give him a telling off. I don't know whether I was pleased or relieved to find that he had gone when we came round the corner to the water point.

Anyhow, now we are in London for a few days. Unless someone can placate Bob Crow, we might be hindered by the proposed tube strike from tomorrow night. Not that we use the tube, but I suppose the buses will be choc a bloc.

Photos next time. Stay tuned.



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