Saturday, February 08, 2014

Where East meets West


As you can see, we went yesterday to Greenwich, a place we have seen from the Thames aboard Nb Indigo Dream a few times, but have never been ashore. It's good. If you haven't been then you must go. We got lucky, and as we wandered into the chapel we found ourselves in a free baroque music recital from a very talented international quartet, so that took up our first forty minutes.

We weren't so lucky on the buses. One we got on suddenly announced that it would not be going as far as it said when we got on, then the next one broke down and everyone had to get off. Never mind, I like London bus rides, from the top deck is a great way to see the city, although I can announce that it's probably just as well to take a book to read when passing through Peckham.

Lots to see at the Old Royal Naval College and the National Maritime museum, especially if you like stuff from Nelson's time, and if you like model naval sailing ships you'll be in heaven.

We didn't have time to go to the observatory so we are saving that for another day. One thing I didn't expect to see though, was this


It's the entrance to the foot tunnel under the Thames and there seemed to be quite a few walkers and cyclists using it. I went down the stairs to take a look. Not much to say really, it's a long white tiled well lit tunnel. Having taken the stairs down I elected to come back up in the lift, it is very deep! When I can get the photos off my camera I'll have pictures of that and some more Greenwich stuff to show you.

Last night we went back to the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice to see their News Review sketch comedy thingy. After our previous visit to a play there we had high hopes and we weren't dissapointed. How these folk can put together a different show like that each and every week I have no idea. As well as the sketches there were several very clever comedy song and dance routines all based in the week's news. It was all very polished and very funny. They must have been rehearsing day and night. So that's my recommendation for a good inexpensive night when moored in Paddington. Dinner in the Bridge House pub, then upstairs to the theatre. I think the theatre tickets were £9.

Today's our last day here. We're off to Camden market, but not by boat as I doubt there would be mooring space. WE'll take a look while we're there and report back on the stop and shop moorings.


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