Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A photo puzzle for you, plus some unusual other pics

I decided not to tell you yet where we went yesterday because when we were there I had an idea for a good photo puzzle. This is a world famous spot seen from an unusual angle. What is it?

This morning we were woken in an unusual and startling fashion. Some kind person switched on the aerator pipe that I suppose freshens the canal water at the entrance to Paddington basin. Unfortunately it was right beneath Herbie, so it sounded as though we were inside a boiling kettle.

Luckily there was a space one one of the pontoons in the basin so we did a rather nifty (if I say so myself) reverse and turn into the basin. Here is a picture of the aerator taken after we moved.

Once in the basin I decided to try out a feature of my phone camera. It can take multiple shots of a scene by moving from point to point and then stitching them together, not just in a horizontal panorama, but vertically too. So here are some of the photos I took from Herbie's deck this morning.

A lot of barrel distortion of course, but I like 'em.

One more from lunchtime

As you can see, we're right by the Thomas Heatherwick roll up bridge so if they test it on Friday we'll have a ring side seat.

Tomorrow I'll tell you where we were yesterday. Of course if you solve my photo puzzle, you'll know.



Halfie said...

Is it the Greenwich Meridian?

Paul and Elaine said...

Greenwich Meridian Line.

KevinTOO said...

I agree, Greenwich Meridian... at Greenwich! LOL

Severner Willow said...

I reckon it's between the two bascules of Tower Bridge, looking down towards the Thames.

Halfie said...

I think I've led people astray. I'd like to retract my earlier suggestion and go with James/Amy's proposition. Tower Bridge. (Now I can see the water below.) I'm too late, of course.

Sarah said...

I agree it looks like the join in a bascule bridge or something similar, but is Tower Bridge really made of wood with such a thin coating of tarmac? My money would be on a smaller one somewhere - but still famous? I can't think of one.
Might it be a walkway on a big lock gate, Limehouse maybe? (wild guess alert!)

Sarah said...

Or it's a pier.

Halfie said...

It could be the walkway part of TB.