Sunday, March 09, 2014


We've got some lucky friends. Today our very old friends (although not quite as old as us) Rob, Sheila and Val joined us from Greenford to Paddington. For the girls it was their first narrowboat trip, and what a perfect day to choose. I can't recall a warmer and sunnier March day. Now they think narrowboating is all about tootling along a wide deep canal with no locks to do and drinking coffee and eating bacon sandwiches. They'll never again believe our tales of hardship afloat.

Then to cap it all we got a mooring in Paddington just outside the basin, with a seat outside where we could sit and eat chocolate cake. We'll never live it down.

I have decided to try to remember to take a picture from the back of the boat each morning to show where spent the night. A sort of view through the tiller. Yesterday's was really our first morning since leaving our winter mooring and here we were at Cowley, just across the canal from Packet boat marina.

This shows the first flaw in my plan because it would have been far more interesting from the front of the boat where you would have seen Nbs Blackbird and Tortoise of Carrie and Simon fame. Spotting their boats there when we pulled in the night before we sent them a text and they hurried up from Brentford by train and bus so we could go for a drink togather at the Packet Boat pub. A good pub by the way if you like a comfortable simple boozer. As usual they led us astray and we finished up drinking Jim MacBeams aboard Herbie and woke up with sore heads next morning. Great night though S&C, always a pleasure.

Then the second flaw in the tiller photo plan was that this morning at Greenford, all the picture would have shown was the front of a hulking great widebeam, so I didn't bother. Never mind here's one taken tonight instead, and look who is moored next to us his time.


Yes it's Doug and James AKA the Chancers taking a week's R&R between sea cruises. We haven't actually seen them yet, they're probably out clubbing. Chance is still looking like it came out of the paint shop yesterday. How do they keep it looking so immaculate?

There's a free organ recital at Southwark Cathedral tomorrow, so we're going to pop in to hear that. After that who knows what we will do. The world as they say, is our lobster.



Jill, Matilda Rose said...

See you soon and send my love to the boys. We've never managed to find a mooring in Paddington - not for more than 7 hours anyway!

nb Chance said...

Hi Neil and Kath, So sorry we missed you again, yes we were out all the time Sunday, and Sunday evening with friends! One day we will get together for a proper catch up! x

Simon said...

WE led YOU astray? Hmmmm...

Great evening, as ever.

Anyway. Feedback passed on to the boss of telly, who agrees and they're hoping to change things in your favour. Also: